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As an opera singer, and finding myself on tour for weeks at a time, I started writing weird little poems and emailing them to my son, Zac. After a bit these little poems started developing their own little melodies as we got to know them better.

I had long recognized that there was a need for popular kid’s music that was really fun, but that also exposed children to a wider range of valid and diverse musical forms, and with age appropriate lyrics. So, having a young enthusiast (and critic!) to write for, I set about it.

In 2002, Walking Oliver Music was born, named after our rather dopey but amusing Weimaraner.  The log line was to be

Quality Music — Not Just For Kids.


Over the years, I’ve been honoured to have been able to collaborate with some of the best artists in the business, from famed children’s illustrator Korky Paul to the great poet Michael Rosen to multi-instrumentalist genius Richard Durrant, alternative pop wiz Tim Freeman and too many others to mention here.  Thank you, all!  


And so, Walking Oliver abides.  And I hope for many years to come.


The Story of

Walking Oliver Music

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